Every customer deserves more than just a chatbot.

Automaise offers a suite of AI-powered solutions for customer service, assisting both clients and agents to streamline customer journeys and optimize agent productivity.

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Automaise offers a suite of AI solutions to help customers obtain a more satisfying support experience whilst optimizing agents’ productivity by 50% - achieving results as quickly as 3 weeks.

Automaise AI

Traditional chatbots are rule-based and trained with generic industry data, yielding limited results and subpar customer experience.

Automaise creates an AI layer that is hyper-tailored to your business. Our AI understands the behavior of your customers by continuously learning from your best agents and training on your customer support data.

We augment your service levels and produce superior customer support outcomes, both for your customers as well as your agents, in a matter of weeks.

Customer Assistant

On average, 35% of support interactions are repetitive (where is my order?, how to reset my password?, can I reschedule?, etc.) and can be fully automated.

Automais's AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistant enables you to automate these repetitive interactions through:

- Intelligent chat/voice bots
- Email & Contact form automation
- End-to-end transactional operations
- Self-service enablement
- Case ticket automation

We empower your customers to get instant resolutions and free your agents to focus on what matters most - providing quality support.

Agent Assistant

Agents spend more than 50% of their time on repetitive tasks such as information retrieval, ticket prioritization, etc. On average, they consult 5-6 different platforms for resolving tickets, resulting in increased AHT & FRT.

The Automaise Agent Assistant augments agent productivity by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. We empower agents to provide attentive, accurate, and faster resolutions by:

- Providing context information
- Suggesting Next-Best-Action
- Gathering missing information
- Selecting templates
- Triaging & prioritizing tickets

We are the support for those who support your customers.

impact in

Agent Productivity:


in 30 days

Improvement in AHT:


in 60 days

Improvement in CSAT:


in 45 days

Improvement in FRT:


in 30 days

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A growing set of ready to plug integrations with the most used platforms.

Different platform? Custom system?

Case studies

See how top brands use Automaise to improve customer service through intelligent automation.

Thanks to Automaise, we’ve cut through the noise and increased our response rate with messages being qualified correctly, allowing us to distribute the requests to the right teams more successfully. Managing our front-facing brand on social is now possible because it’s easy to identify critical topics and to optimize the care process.


Joana Serra

With Automaise AI we now provide affordable, intuitive and efficient social customer support to nearly 2 million ViaCTT end users. Thanks to its level of autonomy and continuous evolution, the solution saves us precious time and effort.


André Silva

At Caravela we were looking for a highly collaborative technical partner to help us solve our customer care issue and we found this with Automaise. Thanks to deploying their AI solution, today we can adapt to different customer scenarios and communicate flexibly with our clients.

Caravela Seguros

Paulo Cruz

Intelligent Automation: the game changer for top retailers & e-tailers

See how retailers are reducing First Response Time up to 90%, by deploying Intelligent Automation solutions.

Some features

With a unique mix of conversational AI, NLP, deep learning and bits of RPA, we deliver hyper-automation for customer service. Fully flexible integrating upstream (true omnichannel) and downstream (any transactional scenario you can think of).

State-of-the-art Conversational Capabilities

Don’t settle for simple intent detection followed by a static one way flow. Automaise offers true AI conversational flows. Never ask your customers to press reset and restart.

AI Response Generation

Define your own templated answers or let our AI generate the right answer for the inquire based on past agent-to-customer replies.


Securely identify/authenticate your customers and unlock a wide set of transactional tasks for automation.

Human + AI

Get peace-of-mind by deploying fully autonomous automations or seamlessly handing over to 2nd line agents the topics the automation is not capable to take on. This can be done within Automaise or on your omnichannel platform via integration.

AutoML + Evolving AI

Automaise doesn’t follow a best on average AI approach. Our proprietary AutoML selects and fine tunes the right AI algorithm for your dataset. Plus, our friendly UI, that converts your agents into "citizen" data scientists, makes our AI outperform in 8%+ the generic AI providers.

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