The Inteligent Business Optimization Platform

Automaise Platform is a one-stop-shop AI-first no-code automation tool for business operations optimization. Quickly build solutions to automate self-service inquires, optimize backend workflow processes, all the way to proactively assist agents inside your CRM of choice.

The platform

Automaise is the friendly platform giving you the tools to build complex software without the complexity. You will be able to address very specific business needs without having to worry about a long and painful launch process. All thanks to our low-code DNA.

No-code platform with Drag & Drop environment

Intelligent Automation tailored to meet your business needs.

Why Automaise?

Automaise platform empowers businesses to rapidly build, test, deploy and operate robust AI automation solutions. Create solutions that consistently deliver results at a fraction of the time. Start with one of the out-of-the-box pre-built templates or build a custom solution from scratch. And it only takes one click to deploy.

Business leaders are required to deliver operational efficiency gains, yet most AI projects fail or take years to deliver an impact.

Multiple technologies need to be combined in order to deploy business transversal solutions. This adds deployment complexity, time and costs.

No more silos

Launch easy-to-build software, low cost to maintain, without compromising on process complexity and security requirements.

Voice Solutions

Boost the quality of IVR output where it matters most. Set-up automations to eliminate less complex tasks and leave space to focus on high valueadded efforts.

Decision Support Solutions

Intelligent historical data analysis identifies repeated, similar or typical scenarios, so you can cut down the tedious manual data collection and accelerate the sales and customer service processes.