Beyond customer service:
redefining telecomunications with AI

Nobody is willing to press 1 and wait anymore. Grow your customer relationships with automated conversational AI flows.

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Account Management and Billing

Automate any process: topping up, understanding usage, paying bills, network coverage, plan upgrades, etc.

Self-Service and Satisfaction

Conversational AI helps your teams boost their average handling times, first contact resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

Social Customer

Understand your customer in a global context and interact with them through any text or voice-to-text channel (social media, email, chat, calls).

Technical Troubleshooting

Regardless if it’s private or corporate clients, Automaise AI can help to solve any technical difficulty, bundle troubleshooting, error request management and so on in real-time.

Seamless integration. Built for results.

With conversational AI telcos can allocate in-house resources where they bring the highest value and make the most business sense, as well as introduce new products, execute upsell strategies or innovate their payment solutions. Telecommunication companies who adopt AI will see higher returns in the short term, compared to going about business as usual.

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