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Live up to the standards of your customers with conversational AI by offering a multichannel, personalized and intelligent shopping experience.

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Customer interactions fully handled by an AI powered assistant

  • 80% self-service rate achieved in 2 months

  • 10% improvement in CSAT

  • 90% improvement in First Response Time

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Order Management

Conversational and transactional AI gets your order management in order. Easily handle invoicing, order status tasks, deliveries or cancellations through the Automaise platform.

Returns and Refunds

Never dread Black Fridays or Cyber Mondays ever again. With Automaise AI you successfully handle the back and forths of these high-intensity days.

Customer Relations

Understand the needs of your customer and be there for them in real-time. Our AI helps you build the tools you need to take control of the relationship at any stage: on boarding, pre- or post-sales.

Social and Customer Support

Automaise AI's super efficient ticketing flows for fashion and e-commerce are easy to setup and manage and guarantee you that all customer requests will be addressed to deliver satisfaction.

Speed and convenience.
Any channel.
All the time.

The shortest way to retaining your repeat shoppers is to offer them a seamless and trustworthy omnichannel experience backed-up by a rock solid one-touch resolution, whenever the need for it occurs. Power up your self-service and your clients will respond with loyalty.

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