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Automating medical insurance claims

  • 60% global automation rate of all medical insurance claims.

  • 9x improvement in claim processing efficiency.

  • Results achieved in 4 weeks.

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Claim Management

Enable policy holders to manage claims or address any request instantaneously. See your net promoter scores skyrocket with the help of omnichannel interactions.

Customer Acquisition

Decrease sale cycle times with the help of an all-in-one intelligent product that simplifies the decision-making and offers accurate and actionable next best steps.

Superior Underwriting

Increase the quality of your delivery with AI-powered capabilities that filter information, assess cases and identify hidden risks. Speed up the process and secure unmatched accuracy when wrapping-up a client policy.‚Äč

Smooth Operations

Boost the efficiency of your corporate structure to the maximum. Weather your biggest challenge has to do with on-boarding new experts, streamlining work processes between teams or managing your invoicing, we have you covered.

AI-driven conversations
get the job done

The benefits of conversational AI in insurance stretch across all operations and all players in the insurance ecosystem. Going beyond simply managing customer claims or self-service, introducing an AI layer will empower a more accurate risk management per case and business efficacy in general.

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